Screwpull corkscrew "Activeball" black

Now even better: The Screwpull corkscrew with patented Activeball
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  1. Screwpull corkscrew "Activeball" black
    only £52.00 incl. VAT/Import Duty Tax, excl. Delivery
only £52.00 incl. VAT/Import Duty Tax, excl. Delivery
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Screwpull corkscrew "Activeball" black
only £52.00 incl. VAT/Import Duty Tax, excl. Delivery
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Art. No. 11363
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Material: Plastic
Colour: black

Here comes the innovation for all wine lovers: The unique Screwpull with worldwide patented Activeball and double helix system. The small red Activball stands unmistakably for the newest corkscrew generation, because it is a modern anti-lock system, which prevents on the one hand the clamping of the cork in the corpus and on the other hand the separation of the corkscrew parts. After the proven Screwpull system, the self-draining effect is used: simply twist and the cork is easily pulled out of the bottle. With the Screwpull the spiral always rotates automatically centered in the cork. The patented, Teflon-coated spiral ensures effortless penetration, even with porous corks. Due to their long turns, each bottle is uncorked evenly and vibration-free when turning. Crumbling or breaking even old corks is a thing of the past. The ejection effect is particularly practical: to remove the cork from the corkscrew, simply turn the handle counterclockwise and the cork will be automatically removed from the spiral. The ergonomically shaped housing of the Screwpull corkscrew is made of high-quality, break-resistant and aging-resistant polycarbonate. The applied soft-touch elements ensure a pleasant and secure grip. The multi-award-winning, timeless design offers you pure functionality. We offer an attractive gift set that includes a state-of-the-art Screwpull Activ-ball corkscrew and a practical capsule cutter.
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