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Synthetic wine racks

Synthetic Wine Racks
Synthetic wine racks provide a variety of wine storage options. Here you will discover designer wine racks made of acrylic glass or moisture resistant synthetic wine rack system for larger bottle quantities.

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Plastic wine racks

Discover a wide range of wine racks in our versatile synthetic range.

Our synthetic wine racks are characterized by their easy assembly and versatile expansion possibilities. Important aspects of synthetic wine racks are the fact that they can carry a lot of weight while being very light, low maintenance and the surfaces are very easy to clean.

Acrylic wine racks

Store your precious wines in style with our acrylic wine racks CUBE-X and CUBE-U. These wine racks can be implemented as a system or used as single elements to display your treasured wine collection in an exceptional manner. Acrylic wine racks are not only designer objects but have a lot more to offer. The high load capacity provides a lot of storage room for your treasured wines and the light reflecting properties of acrylic create an enchanting environment. We offer the acrylic wine rack SPHERE which has all the previously mentioned characteristics. Please note: acrylic wine racks cannot be cleaned with detergents containing solvents.

Polystyrene wine racks

Wine rack systems made of polystyrene are all-rounders. The wine racks can be easily formed into different shapes to fill unusual spaces or inclined roofs simply by cutting them with a regular saw. Additionally, the materials also have an insulating effect, protecting the wine bottles against heat, abrupt temperature changes, UV light and humidity. Discover our polystyrene wine rack systems in our category of synthetic wine racks.

Polypropylene wine racks

Wine racks made of polypropylene such as our wine rack BADEN are extremely robust. This material is widely used in the food industry which makes it ideal for wine storage in kitchen areas as well as in pantries. At room temperature wine racks made of polypropylene are resistant against grease residues and most organic solvents.