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Professional and Luxury Wine Coolers

Professional and Luxury Wine Coolers

Wine coolers for professionals with a large storage capacity or as a special design object.
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  1. Wine cooling cabinet TECA VINO
    Wine cooling cabinet TECA VINO

    Starting at £7,689.00

  2. Wine cooling cabinets TECA VINO, black frame
    Wine cooling cabinets TECA VINO, black frame

    Starting at £7,669.00

2 Items

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Professional & luxury wine coolers for large wine collections

Professional & luxury wine coolers are high quality and exclusive wine refrigerators with innovative features. They ensure that your wines are always tempered just right.

Professional wine coolers: ideal for professional use

Professional wine coolers are mainly used in the gastronomy, such as in restaurants, wine bars, wine shops but also in wineries or tasting rooms. Wherever a large number of bottles need to be cooled. Professional refrigerators are therefore designed for larger bottle collections. This offers customers and guests a wider choice of wines. The desired bottle can be removed easily, quickly and in higher numbers. The advantage of a professional wine cooler is also that wines are cooled directly to the perfect serving temperature. This way, with a one-zone or two-zone wine fridge, you can serve your customer or guest directly with white or red wines ready to drink.

Exceptional designs & attractive presentation: our luxury wine coolers

Whether elegant and minimalist or modern with a striking lighting, our luxury wine coolers convince with an extraordinary design. The high-quality workmanship of the powerful refrigerators is reflected in every little detail of the design. An imposing wine fridge in the upper price segment makes a great impression on guests. The bottles in a luxury wine cooler can be admired by visitors as well as compared and selected. To make your bottles look perfect, the presentation options are versatile. Place bottles underneath each other, next to each other or on sloping presentation shelves in a wine cooler. Especially clever: with oblique storage, the label can be read immediately.

A wine cooler as a luxury piece of furniture - if you are looking for professional & luxury wine coolers, our web shop is perfect for you. Choose from high-quality models with customizable features your favorite and delight your guests and other wine lovers with the new centerpiece for your fine wines!