Wine Cellars in Acrylic

Wine Cellars in Acrylic

Wine cellars with acrylic wine racks are the absolute eye-catcher. They shine through modern, puristic design. Indirect lighting with LED sets additional accents.

Customer Reference: Wine cellar in acrylic

Wine cellar in Switzerland

Customer Reference: Wine cellar in acrylic

Shop, Guernsey, Great Britain

Customer Reference: Wine cellar in acrylic

La Villa Blanche, France

Wine cellar with acrylic wine racks as an absolute optical highlight

A wine cellar with a distinctive, elegant and innovative acrylic wine presentation system arouses emotions. The absolutely modern and futuristic wine storage is an optical highlight and will not only inspire you but also your visitors.

The wine is in the foreground

The transparency of the acrylic creates a modern, purist design, which primarily puts the wine bottles in the foreground. Here the view of the label is not obscured and you always have your favourite wines in view.

Special accents through lighting

The use of transparent materials such as acrylic or crystal glass in combination with the right lighting creates dreamlike plays of light and reflections that immediately enliven any room. These wine racks create a beauty and elegance that will make your bottles shine.

Made in Italy

The Italian production combined with a unique creativity and innovative techniques guarantees high quality products for wineries, hotels, gastronomy and of course for private use. Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary, modern ideas that a wine cellar with acrylic wine racks has in store for you.

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