We use the right furnishings to create a welcoming atmosphere where customers can feel at home and explore your range in peace. Our bespoke furniture made from wood, metal and acrylic glass will help you display wines, spirits and specialities in the best possible way.


Whether rustic or modern, we can furnish your tasting and sales rooms in your preferred style, creating an atmosphere in which you can perfectly present your wines and welcome customers.

Wine Shops

Presenting wines convincingly and storing them in a space-saving way, supporting customers in their purchasing decisions, offering samples and promoting box sales. We can support you in all these requirements. Our presentation and sales fixtures can be tailormade to your requirements

In-Store Wine Departments

The wine department is becoming increasingly important in grocery retail. It can be a marketing hub, offering regional suppliers the opportunity to market their products and increase your sales. We can support you in the optimal presentation of wine and spirits. Together we can develop the ideal concept for all your needs and create eye-catching points of interest for your customers.


Let us help you make your guests feel at home and return again and again. We are at your side from the first idea and concept development, through planning, production and professional installation

Let us advise you personally!

Custom Planning and Consultation

As specialists in the field of wine storage, we offer a comprehensive service from planning to realization of your custom wine cellar. Our skilled wine cellar construction team can offer attractive presentation solutions for any space!

Plan Your Wine Cellar Online

Use our online wine cellar planning helper to give our experts the key data needed to quickly suggest some suitable solutions for you and your budget.

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