Wine Racks By Type

Wine Racks By Type

At Winerack-plus, we present a wide selection of wine racks in various designs to suit every need and every room. From compact models to space-saving wall shelves, we offer the right solution for every living space. Find out more about the advantages of the different designs and discover how to present your wine collection in the best possible way.

Be inspired by wine racks in different designs:

At Winerack-plus you will find a wide range of wine racks of different designs: from small and narrow versions to wall racks - at Winerack-plus you will find an extensive selection. Find out more about the advantages of the different designs and why they are ideal for presenting your wine collection.

Small Wine Racks:

  • Versatility: Small wine racks are extremely versatile and can be used in various living spaces such as kitchens, living rooms or dining areas.
  • Modularity: They are often stackable or extendable, allowing you to customise and expand your wine collection as required.
  • Attractive design options: Despite their compact size, they offer attractive design options and can serve as a decorative element in your living space.

Narrow Wine Racks:

  • Space-saving: Narrow wine racks are ideal for rooms with limited space or for those looking for a space-saving solution.
  • Flexible placement: They fit easily into narrow niches, corners or tight spaces and still offer enough space to store your wine collection.
  • Stylish aesthetics: Despite their slim design, they offer an aesthetically pleasing way to present your wines and add an elegant touch to your living space.

Metal Wall Wine Racks:

  • Stable construction: Metal wall wine racks offer a robust and stable construction that ensures safe storage of your bottles. The metal material is durable and resistant to external influences, keeping your wine collection safe and secure.
  • Space-saving solution: By placing them on the wall, metal wall wine racks take up very little floor space and still offer plenty of room for your wine collection. This makes them ideal for rooms with limited space, while still displaying your bottles in style.
  • Modern Design: Metal wall wine racks give your room a modern and contemporary look. With clean lines and a slim profile, they fit perfectly with contemporary interior styles and add an aesthetic touch to your home.

Wooden wall wine racks:

  • Natural aesthetics: Wooden wall wine racks exude a warm and natural aesthetic that gives your room a cozy atmosphere. The natural wood material brings a touch of rustic charm to your home and provides an appealing display for your wine collection.
  • Robust construction: Thanks to their sturdy construction, wooden wall wine racks provide secure storage for your wine bottles. The high-quality wood material is strong and durable, ensuring reliable storage over a long period of time.
  • Versatile design options: Wooden wall wine racks are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find the right rack to suit your individual taste and interior style. From traditional to modern designs, wooden wall wine racks offer a variety of options to display your wine collection in style.

Discover the variety of our wine racks in different designs at Winerack-plus and find the ideal wine rack for your wine collection. Contact us today and let our experts advise you.