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Stone wine racks

Wine Racks
Stone wine racks and clay wine racks are especially stable and look very natural. At the same time the clay and stone wine racks ensure a perfect micro climate due to temperature and humidity compensation.

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Wine racks & Wine rack systems made of stone & clay

In the category “Wine racks stone” you will find wine storage stones and other stone racks for the ideal wine storage.
The material:

Whether an eye catcher in your apartment or a practical storage item - a stone or clay wine rack meets the criteria of a professional wine storage. Each stone or clay wine rack is very suitable for wine storage, since the natural materials balance the deviation of the storage temperature. The wine rack elements can absorb and in some cases also release the air humidity of very humid wine cellars. This way phases of dry room air which appear quite often during the winter will be balanced.

The product line:

The open structure of the wine rack stones “CLASSIC”, “FRANCE” and “ITALIA” ensures an ideal micro climate. Temperature and air humidity are always balanced. The stone feels smooth. The modules are uncomplicated in handling and are built quickly. Due to the modular construction the system can be changed or extended. Wine rack stones made out of clay provide space for 6 to 8 bottles and can for example be used as an attractive furniture complement for the storage of bottles of red wine in the living room area. In a wine room or wine cellar stone wine racks with their versatile, practical and decorative elements are an impressive highlight. The decorative wine rack system “PORTOVINO” combines professional storage of bottled wine with the most beautiful wine cellar atmosphere. In that way you create a special ambience for you and your guests. Discover other wine rack solutions here in our shop.