Climate control devices and wine cabinets ensure perfect storage conditions and temperature.
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Wine cooling: wine coolers, wine cabinets & cellar conditioners

Wine coolers and cellar conditioners for your fine wines

Wine cellar conditioners and wine coolers help store your wine properly over long periods of time risk-free. Every type of wine requires the right temperature and humidity. That's the only way to protect it from aging too quickly and prematurely. The use of modern conditioning technology in the form of wine cellar conditioners or a wine cooler guarantees the necessary consistency for the professional storage of wine. This ensures the enjoyment of your expensive and high-quality drops and protects against loss of value. There are several ways of wine conditioning:

Wine coolers for different quantities of bottles

Wine coolers are the ideal solution for cooling your wine bottles especially since not every collector has its own cellar space for wine storage. There are two options. The single-zone wine cooler for storage has a single temperature zone, which can usually be set between 5 ° and 20 ° C. A wine cabinet has at least two temperature zones (one for red and one for white wine) for the perfect serving temperature. Some products supply the bottles with fresh air and absorb foreign odors. Thanks to the special damping devices of a bottle cooler, a vibration-free storage is guaranteed. We offer you a solution for all bottle capacities: from the compact integrated wine cooler to larger wine cabinets for up to 250 bottles. A specialty for even larger quantities of bottles is the wine cabinet "CAVISPACE", which holds up to 3,900 bottles.

Cellar conditioners ensure the right temperature in the wine cellar

The optimal temperature is between 10 ° and 14 ° C, the humidity should be between 60 and 80%. Large fluctuations between day and night as well as between summer and winter harm your vintages. Wine lovers, who have their own wine cellar, should isolate it and install a cellar conditioner. This ensures a consistently optimal temperature. We offer you cellar conditioners suitable for your room sizes. A climate door is ideally suited for smaller rooms if it is not possible to install a cellar conditioner in the basement wall. If the cellar is too dry, there is a risk of drying out the corks, which also leads to a loss of quality of the wines. This is where a humidifier helps. Our tip: Control the humidity of the wine storage that contains noble wines. For this purpose, a suitable thermograph / hydrograph is ideal.