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Wooden wine racks

Wooden Wine Racks
Diverse wine racks made of the natural product wood. Here you will discover a large variety of single racks, modular standard systems and high-quality premium wine rack systems.

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Wine racks made of wood

Our wooden wine racks offer the perfect storage options for your wine collection.

The material: Unlike other materials wood is the only natural product which is used in its original form without being processed to manufacture wine racks. Wood is long lasting, easy to work with and stable. Which of the aforementioned properties stand out most in each product depends directly on the type of wood and the conservation treatment applied. Wine racks are often made of coniferous woods such as pine, spruce or fir. These wood types are easy to work with and therefore ideal for the manufacturing of wine racks with an original or unusual design.
Wine racks made of hardwood obtained from deciduous trees such as oak, beech, walnut, cherry or teak are extremely robust. These wood types have a higher concentration of wood fibres and therefore enable the construction of wine racks with a higher weight / load capacity. Furthermore, hardwoods are weather resistant.

There are several alternatives for the protection of the wooden wine racks such as colored glazes, varnishes and lacquers. Depending on the environment and location of the wine rack the choices range from light natural glazes for untreated woods, followed by rustic brown varnishes, dark brown lacquer, up to multi-colored wine racks. Wooden wine racks are made of solid wood, as well as wood based materials such as MDF (medium-density fibreboards) panels. Recommended for wine cellars with high humidity are MDF products since they are more resistant to swelling.

The systems: Our selection of wine racks ranges from decorative designer products for living areas, followed by wine racks designed for wall mounting, up to complete wine rack systems. The original wine rack OTTO created by a spanish designer duo is made of elegant birch plywood; each model is unique due to its organic nature and design. Discover our wine rack modules for wall mounting, ENOTECA, a decorative eye catcher with great space saving qualities. In our world of wine rack systems you will find standard systems such as VINCASA or VISIOBOIS. Both made of solid pinewood, they are expandable, versatile and combinable. We offer our high quality PREMIUM wine rack system CAVEPRO in three different wood types. The modular elements of this system are all made in Germany and they are versatile, expandable. They are single or freely combinable, stable and robust due to the 1.9 cm thick wooden panels. We also offer custom made wine racks made of unusual materials such as tree trunks or old wine barrels.

Assembly: Several of our wooden wine racks are delivered fully assembled. Those that are not already assembled are easy to assemble, for example wine rack PRIMAVINO, which elements are put together without any type of tools.