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Single wine rack

Synthetic wine racks - Single rack

Single wine racks made of plastic or acryliy are attractive and unique options for smaller bottle quantities.

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Set Descending Direction
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Single wine racks made of plastic: attractive bottle shelves for the small wine supply

Single plastic wine racks are more suitable for presenting selected bottles than for long-term storage. They are more likely to accommodate small quantities of wine bottles. This type of wine racks is primarily in the living area and is not recommended for long-term storage due to the high ambient temperature. The advantage of plastic single shelves is that you always have your favorite wine handy. Especially when you receive guests for dinner, the design wine racks look attractive on your set table or as an eye-catcher on a side table.

Single wine racks made of acrylic or plastic in unusual designs

Whether made of transparent acrylic glass or plastic in subtle or cheerful colors, our wine racks fit any decor and inspire with their innovative shapes. The smaller models look great in the kitchen and on sideboards. Some plastic wine racks can be used as both a design object and a single rack for small counterfeit quantities, and several models of the same series combined can provide space for a medium-sized wine supply.

Wine racks made of easy-care material

Plastic wine racks have many advantages over models made of other materials. Especially if you are looking for a wine rack to use in the kitchen, you are well advised with a shelf made of plastic. These are very easy to clean and maintain. Even in the living area or in the wine cellar, these properties are beneficial. The wine racks can simply be wiped with a damp cloth.