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Metal wine racks - VINCASA

Wine Racks
Single wine racks and wine rack systems made of metal are especially robust, resilient and versatile useable in the kitchen, living room and cellar.

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Metal wine racks

In our product range of metal wine racks you will find the right solution for proper storage of your wines.

The material: Wine Racks made of metal are extremely robust and resistant; furthermore, depending on the type of treatment, they may also be corrosion and rust free. This property is of great advantage when a high humidity factor is present in your wine or vaulted cellar. We offer metal wine racks in several types, several materials such as stainless steel, powder coated metal in black as well as a bright colour spectrum. Metal wine racks make a distinctive impression, are light and adapt easily to most environments. Black powder coated wine racks make a more striking and imposing impression.

The systems:

Stainless Steel
Wine racks made of high quality stainless steel may have a straight or a stylish design suitable for the use in households and smaller wine collections, for example the wine rack LOOP. If the space available is limited we offer a solution for wall mounting with the wine rack CHAIN. Solutions for entire rooms are found with the expandable MODULOSTEEL modules. Good combinable options for your wine cellar can be implemented through the wine rack system ORDINE which can be used as wine rack as well as for storage purposes.

Powder coated metal wine racks
We also offer solutions made of powder coated metal in small yet distinctive versions for the household and for smaller wine reserves such as NAUTILUS or the wine rack HANG-UP specially designed for wall mounting. Entire wine cellars can be impressively furnished with the wine rack systems LE CAVE SMART and LE CAVE MASSE; the wine rack shelves can be individually arranged. You will find a combination between wine storage for both wine bottles and cases of wine in our series BLACK PURE.

Powder coated metal wine racks are also available in different colours to create a more lively environment, for example with the wine racks CUBE or CACTUS. Powder coated metal surfaces are more scratch and dent resistant due to the coat layers which protect the metal core.