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Brick-/Vault cellar - from common cellar to vault wine cellar

Vault cellars and their benefits. Similar to a natural cave it is very humid and moist in the vault cellar all year round. There is a constant circulation of air- warm air does not linger close to the ceiling and cold air does not linger close to the ground. The bricks in the vault cellar transmit moisture between wall and ambient air without causing condensate to form on the walls which would become undesired breeding grounds for mould.

Vaults are self-supporting. The static forces acting from above are forwarded to the ground alongside the vault without the need of a pillar. Due to this static benefit a vault cellar is able to carry loads such as soil cover, traffic loads and snow load. Therefore the placement of a vault cellar below the ground is particularly suitable.
An attractive storage possibility. A vault wine cellar combines professional wine storage with an affectionate atmosphere. The wines ripe well-arranged and quietly under perfect conditions in the vault cellar until the tasting.
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