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Standard wine cabinets

Standard wine cabinets

Wine coolers to cool and store medium and larger quantities of wine bottles

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Perfect wine temperature equals perfect wine enjoyment

It is the ideal storage that increases the enjoyment of wine. Wine needs adequate air conditioning to maintain its aroma. With us you will find many standard wine coolers to store your fine wines optimally. The wine fridges ensure constant temperature, specific humidity and good ventilation with minimal physical disturbances. The standard refrigerators in our shop meet these conditions through the latest technology and high quality equipment.

Single zone or multi-zone wine cabinets

Standard refrigerators are the optimal solution for cooling your wine bottles, especially for those wine lovers that do not have their own cellar space for wine storage. There are two options: the single-zone wine cooler has a single temperature zone, which can be set usually between 5 ° and 20 ° C. A wine cabinet has at least two temperature zones for the optimum serving temperature (for example, one for red and one for white wine).

Standard wine cabinets: many models to choose from

We have put together many different models of wine cabinets in our extensive range. But before buying a wine cabinet, you should clarify the location. Do you need a wine cabinet that is freestanding or should it be installed as part of the existing facility? In our online shop you will find numerous standard refrigerators that meet your requirements. We are happy to assist you in the decision and advise you without obligation!